[Watching] Coherence

Here’s what happens:

– In one reality she hits herself.
– In another reality she hits another her.
– In other alternate realities this repeats.
– She also broke the car glass in one reality.
– Another her also broke the car glass in other alternate realities.
– This is caused by a chain reaction she triggered by her and her actions.

What about her others?

– The one she put in the trunk of the car wakes up in another alternate reality.
– The one she hides in the bathroom wakes up in yet another alternate reality.
– And so on…

At the end:

We see that she has two rings, one she has on, and the other that was in the bathroom that night before she fainted in the hall.

She wakes up and walks outside and see the car glass broken. Then the guy gives her the ring that was left in the bathroom last night. In front of her, that guy receives a call, and that was herself in the beginning of the movie, which moments later arrived at the house and was hit in the bathroom by her at the end.

To summarize, it means that she woke up in an alternate reality, one that the others didn’t left the house, one that she only changes places.

I did the analysis based on the movie, similar movies and quantum phsysics.


Serius parah, film scifi yang sangat menyeramkan. Aku sendiri ketakutan gila, bukan krn ada setannya atau scene-scene yg thrilling, tapi muter otak, bagaimana film ini berjalan.

Dan, ya film ini bikin aku berfikir, “mari kita temukan diri kita yang lain”

Shit, it’s creepy.

Watching Coherence with Rado

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~ by imankurniadi on December 25, 2015.

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